A newly released kernel fixes the problem for the original submitter and others. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on Open a konsole, and if the web cam is plugged in usb port??? But works perfectly with 4. Could this new version of quiks.

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This bug affects people. The UVC specification covers webcams, digital camcorders, analog video converters, analog and digital television tuners, and still-image cameras that support video streaming for ilnux video input and output. I unfortunatly can’t reopen it myself or i don’t know how to do it.

Logitech C200 Webcam in Ubuntu

Extension units can be accessed directly or mapped to V4L2 controls. If the bug still exists, change the bug status from Incomplete to Confirmed. If hot plugging is working it should be have a look to see if the web cam shows up. Great, I got the update and can confirm linux-image- 3.

Linux UVC driver and tools

Having a problem logging in? Applications that use the libv4l library linyx display the video correctly, as libv4l detects upside-down cameras and rotates the image automatically. I don’t use it, that application has lots of activity on this forum. Camera works but not the microphone. This very same PC had windows XP Home installed and on this the same webcam used with skype worked perfectly. Here is a beginning. This should be fixed in the official Linux Kernel rather Ubuntu.


Windows and Linux are 2 completely different operating systems that function quite differently from each other, you will find over time that there are things that work better on windows c200 linux, and things that work better on linux than windows.

Linux UVC driver & tools

Did you miss your activation email? Other UVC compliant video input devices are very likely to be supported. Comment on this change optional.

I’ll check that but if you look at https: I guess starting the camera before the call made it work. The code includes support for older kernel versions, but might lag behind the uvcvideo git repository by a few days.

It either works but plays too fast high pitch or it doesn’t work at all. GreatKir bug has been opened for the issue in 3. Ideally, I would like logiitech get the Logitech QuickCam Ebut I am just looking for a reasonably priced webcam that will work in Ubuntu. Here is an example. I was wrong about pulseaudio. But works perfectly with 4.


It is a Zoom H2. For other webcams like the C, C, the E and others, people will have to wait for ubuntu kernel 3.

I confirm the same problem with a Logitech C They require a user-space management tool. We have logitrch that there is a newer version of the development kernel currently in the release pocket than the one you tested when this issue was found.

Carlos, the B fix is in this kernel as well.

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